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Accounts deleted!
Dec 1, 2016 12:25 

All accounts have been deleted due to a database error now is fixed!

You Can use this new redeem code"newstart" to get:

3000 coins,50k Gold,100k exp,4500 class points and Exp boost


Important update!
may 14, 2016 12:25 

i've done an update so required to delete all players and guilds sorry for inconvenience caused!

You can now register again


Fresh news!
april 29, 2016 12:25 

maps unlocked


april 07, 2016 12:25 

Contest for ambassador or helper is opened again because our ambassador winner is offline for long time , scroll down and read contest!! because we only search dedicated/active players


Contest WINNER IS!
march 07, 2016 12:25 

Contest winner for ambassador or helper is Caindxd >


Contest:Free helper or ambassador!
feb 17, 2016 12:25 

What you need to do for being helper or ambassador on riseofvoid? >

1.Make a video with my server on youtube

2.reach 450-500 views

3.No dislike at video

Then send the video link at my facebook or my mail:[email protected]


Welcome to!
feb 1, 2016 12:25 

Welcome to this MMORPG game RISEOFVOID.GA enjoy your stay you can use this code:riseofvoid to redeem some stuffs.